Mechanical activator RBB

In 2011, the mechanical activator of BFC Engineering was put into commercial operation for mechanical activation of gold concentrates in the cycle of intensive cyanidation.
Mechanical activators are used in mining enterprises.

Mechanoactivation is designed to clean the surface of mineral particles of oxides and organic films.


  • in the middle of sorption leaching;
  • in cycles of pre-oxidation of the crushed gold-bearing concentrates and concentrates of non-ferrous metals;
  • in zinc and zinc-pyrite flotation cycles;
  • in flotation cycles for preliminary activation of non-ferrous metals minerals during processing of technogenic deposits.

The principle of the mechanoactivator is based on the cavitation effect on the surface of mineral particles. In the mechanoactivator, zones of half-periods of compression and expansion are created. The flow of the suspension, passing through various zones, creates a hydrodynamic cavitation.