Enlarged laboratory bead mills MBL and MBP

Ultra-fine vertical laboratory grinding mill is designed for fine and ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of solids in liquids by grinding the suspension with small balls.

Laboratory mills produced by LLC “BFK Engineering” are differ from its foreign analogues in working in flow-through mode. This allows to simulate industrial conditions of grinding. The grinding results are fully reproduced on the industrial scale.


It is possible to grind all capable of pumping slurry.

Documents for download:


№ p/n The name of indicators MBL -1 MBP – 5
1 The volume of pulp in vats at maximum filling (l) 5 30
Number of auxiliary vats (pcs) 2 2
2 Pumping of pulp from the vat to the mill (l/min) 0,001-0,380 0,8-2
3 Working volume of the chamber (l) 1,35 5,45
4 Total power consumption (kW) 2,0 4,15
5 Dimensions:
length (mm) 1150 1300
width (mm) 750 800
height (mm) 1750 1880
6 Mill weight (kg) 220 225