Cartridge filter with transparent housing FPPK

Cartridge filter with transparent housing FPPK is designed for testing filtration of suspensions, solutions, electrolytes from solid impurities.

Determination of the main technological parameters to select the industrial filtration equipment such as PCF.


  1. Cartridge filter
  2. ripod-stand

The filtration is due to the difference in pressure within the housing and the filter cartridge. A cake is formed on the filter plate, and a pure filtrate rushes out of the cartridge to the outside of the FPPK filter through a removable cover and one of the ball valves with a nozzle. According to the technological scheme, it is possible to establish in series a counter that fixes the volume of the passing filtrate. At the end of the filtration process, causing by the cessation of filtrate flow from the filter, the tap of the suspension feed is closing. The overpressure tap in the filter housing is opening.The drainage tap of the filtrate is turned off and air (filtrate, water) is fed into the filter element through the second tap. A backflow pressure is created, and a process of regenerating the filter element takes place. This process can be observed through the transparent housing.

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