Filtration unit with pulse regeneration of ceramic elements for purification high-temperature waste gases – FCI

Filtration units FCI refer to installations of continuous action.
The first FCI filters were manufactured in 2007 for purufication the waste gases of the solid waste utilization furnaces of the “Maradykovsky” complex in the Kirov region.

Processing industry

FCI filters are designed for:
– cleaning high-temperature waste gases (400-750 C0) from mechanical impurities
– purification of gases from waste treatment plants.

– There is no need to dilute with cold air or to cool the hot off-gas with water to reduce its temperature. This eliminates several technological problems:
     – the problem of condensation of aggressive vapors in the filter apparatus is                  completely eliminated;
     – the volume of gases to be cleaned is reduced;
– there is no need to use additional equipment to pre-cool the gas flow.                                                                                      

– High efficiency of dust collection.
– High resistance of ceramic elements to temperature fluctuations.
– The possibility of using hot purified gases to obtain additional amounts of thermal or electrical energy.

Documents for download:
Name of technical data, characteristics Indicators
Productivity of the gas to be purified at the inlet to the apparatus, m³ / h 4800
Filtering surface area, m² 45
Overall dimensions (L × W × H), mm 2583×1690×3139
Mass concentration of substances (dust) in the gas at the inlet, g/nm³, not more than 20
Mass concentration of substances (dust) in the gas at the outlet, g/nm³, not more than 0,005
Hydraulic resistance of filter elements, Pa, not more than 1800
Hydraulic resistance of the device, Pa, not more than 2000
Gas dilution in the filter unit, MPa, no more than 0,008
The temperature of the gas to be purified at the inlet to the apparatus K (°C)  
  working 723 (450)
  the highest possible 773(500)
Weight of filter unit, kg, no more than 2620

The developed design of the device is a single module, which further allows purification of various volumes of gas due to the arrangement of single modules.
The filter unit consists of
– a rectangular body,
– a pyramidal bunker,
– systems of regeneration of filtering elements,
– devices for monitoring the operation of the installation,
– dust extraction mechanism.
Dusty high-temperature gas flows through the inlet pipe into the hopper of the filter unit. At the same time, the largest, as well as the coagulated dust particles lose speed and fall into the hopper part of the filter unit. The remaining particles are deposited on the outer surface of the filter elements. The gas passes through the wall of the element, is cleaned, enters the chamber of the purified gas and is discharged from the filter unit through the outlet pipe.
As the accumulation of dust on the outer surface of the elements occurs their regeneration. Regeneration of filter elements is carried out by the method of back-pulse blowing compressed air. Aggregates of dust particles are shaken off the surface of the elements and fall into the hopper of the filter unit.
From the hopper of the filtration system the dust is removed through the mechanism of discharge.