Vacuum disk filters with ceramic filtering elements of VDFC

The VDFC filtration unit refers to continuous installations.
The first VDFC-30 filter was manufactured and put into commercial operation at the concentrator of the Riddersky GOK of Kazzinc LLP in November 2003 to filter the zinc concentrate.  Over 15 years, more than 30 filters have been installed at CIS and foreign countries.  VDFC installations are used in the gold mining industry, in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy.


VDFC are designed for:
• dewatering of concentrates
• dewatering of sludge, tailings
The final product is a dry cake and a filtrate that does not contain solid particles.

VDFC has obvious advantages in comparison with fabric vacuum filters:
• High specific productivity.
–        Reduces the required filtration area
• It results in a pure filtrate (no more than 0,002 g/l of solid)
–       No loss of valuable components with filtrate
–       No need to install additional devices  for cleaning the filtrate
• Low residual moisture content in the cake.
–        The costs for subsequent drying are reduced.
• Temperature resistance of filter elements is suitable for filtering products with high temperature.
• Low energy consumption.
The absence of blow-off operation of the formed sediment.
To achieve vacuum it’s used compact watering vacuum pumps with low energy consumption
• Low operating costs.
Long service life of filtering ceramic elements for at least 24 months.   •Environmental safety.
There is no cake blowing operation in the process. (Such process is caused spreading the  moist air with harmful impurities in the filtration zone.)

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