Cartridge ceramic filters for purification liquids from contaminating solids – PCF

Filtration system PCF relates to installations of periodic action.

PCF are designed for the thickening filtration of solutions with a low content of solid particles under pressure in hydrometallurgical, chemical, gold mining, nuclear and other industries.


Filtration units PCF are designed for cleaning:
• Hydrometallurgical solutions.
• Industrial water (unbalanced water, thickener sludge), with the aim of organizing closed water rotation at the enterprise.
• Wash sulfuric acid and return it to the production cycle at metallurgical plants.
• Amine solutions in the gas industry. To thicken the solid product to 40-60% in the wet scrubbing method


PСF has advantages in comparison with cartridge fabric filters and sheet filters:
• Maximum removal of solids from solution The content of solid particles does not exceed 0.005 g / dm3
• High heat resistance of ceramics.  Hot solutions can be filtered.
• Ceramic elements with a membrane coating do not allow the fine-dispersed insoluble carbonate compounds.
• High mechanical strength of filter elements and resistance to aggressive media of filter elements   

Provides a warantee life of 12 months.

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